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We get asked a lot “how will a dyno tune or dyno run benefit me?".

There are a number of situations where your car may feel like it’s not performing as it used to. Our dyno allows us to connect a number of sensors and extract as much information and data from the vehicle as we need during a dyno run. When we perform a dyno run for example from 1500rpm 7000 rpm, the engine, driveline and engine management will act as per any other time the car is placed under this condition on the road. We are then presented with the power and torque that the vehicle has produced throughout that run. We also collect other data at this time. From this data we can also give you feedback on how the vehicle is actually performing, we can also use this information to assist in diagnostic fault finding or issues that may not be felt under normal driving such as a fuel system issue under load or an electrical breakdown.

Many types of cars old and new benefit greatly from dyno tuning. Even new cars are in a state of miss-tune. Factory tunes are conservative for a reason; they take into account lots of unknown factors such as poor fuel quality and extreme weather conditions. They make sure your car can run safely during these conditions including on poor fuel, but here in Australia where we have access up to 107 octane we tune your car solely for the fuel you use and extract the maximum from it.

Older vehicles can go out of tune due to damage and wear of components and failing like sensors etc. Many old school owners will adjust carburettors or distributors "by feel. On our dyno road speeds and loads can be replicated that mimic the same as normal driving conditions which can ensure we make changes exactly where they are needed. With the Mainline Dynolog Dynamometer software there is no guessing. Mainline are a class leader in dyno technology, there is simply no other dyno in the world that has the ability to collect as much data or repeat the accuracy that a mainline has consistently over its lifetime. It truly is a no fudge dyno.

A custom dyno tune will improve not only the day to day performance of the vehicle but also reduce your fuel costs saving you money in the long run and prolonging the life of your engine. Remember, a powerful tune is an efficient one. Engines have an operating range, it must be just right for it to maximize its potential.

Tuning for economy isn’t always a bad thing, any engine that is in a state of poor tune will end up being less efficient, and a less efficient engine will hurt your hip pocket and not perform at its best. So speak to us about how you can achieve greater fuel efficiency, more performance or simply just a health check of your pride and joy.

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