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Our class leading diagnostic equipment enables us to communicate with your cars ecu to determine faults and see exactly what is going on to diagnose any problems you may have. With the ability to check fault codes when the annoying "check engine" light pops up, to checking live data traces including our scan tool, lab scope and graphing metre, we have the ability to do checks other competitors simply cant.  




Not only can we check the cars ecu but also anything that is electronically controlled such as the electronics of the transmission, body control module, abs, airbags or even the dash display. With a huge vehicle inventory there is not a single vehicle out there we can not scan that supports OBD2, so there is no need to go back to the dealer each time. From a simple missfire to a no start condition, you can be assured that when you bring your car to us that only state of the art equipment will be used along with years of training and experience there will be absolutely no guessing when it comes to diagnosing an issue.

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