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Tuning isn’t only just for performance applications, manufacturers tune cars to suit a number of conditions such as extreme heat or snowy conditions but not all cities have those conditions, or running the cars very rich with fuel to keep temperatures down and ensure the vehicles engine will never run lean. This is not ideal for performance, so even if your day to day standard vehicle doesn’t have the economy or punch you wish it had when overtaking on the highway, flash tuning can benefit anyone as we tune to suit you and your specific needs.

If you have a highly modified engine or have just applied a heap of modifications such as bigger injectors, performance camshafts or even forced induction then tuning is a MUST. We have the ability to change a number of parameters such as injector calibration, timing maps and fuel maps for a number of loads and conditions to things such as radiator fan on and off temps. 

Transmission tuning can be the difference between a car that feels sluggish and reduces a transmissions life to a car that is responsive and will always keep the things under safe conditions. All this can be catered for when flash tuning your vehicle. Speak to us today about a custom tune to suit you.

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