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A catalytic converter is effectively a filter in your exhaust system. Its job is to convert the harmful gases like carbon monoxide and particulates of hydrogen into more environmentally friendly gases such as carbon dioxide and H2O. With current emissions laws and the operation of your car, a correctly working catalytic converter is essential. A blocked catalytic converter could be the cause of your car running rough and/or lacking power. Having your car running correctly is also essential as a running rough or miss firing engine can damage your catalytic converter to the point of replacement.

This is a catalytic converter in its early stage of breaking down due to incorrect fuel mixture. Luckily it was diagnosed and replaced before causing further damage.

There are different grades of catalytic converters depending on your vehicles make and model. Fitting the incorrect type to your car could prove costly as the vehicles ECU reads the type of gases in your exhaust and if they are not as they should be, then your “CHECK ENGINE” light can come on. This would then result in you not only needing to replace the catalytic converter with the correct one but also needing ECU computer diagnostics as well.


For those wanting to increase exhaust flow then there are high flow catalytic converters available. These can have up to four times the amount of flow as a standard catalytic converter, while still converting the required gases to comply with emission laws. All of our high flow catalytic converters have a stainless steel body with metallic internals to give you greater reliability.   

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