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As a car owner, when it comes to looking after your car there is nothing more important than regular servicing. Regardless of age or year of manufacturer the importance remains the same.


The idea of a service is not just to replace the engine oil, it is intended to monitor the workings of all aspects of the vehicle. Regular servicing not only improves your engine life it also reduces the chances of you ever breaking down due to the malfunction or failure of critical components. Inspecting your car gives us the chance to rectify any small problems before they become big ones as well as bring any otherwise unknown issues to your attention. Having your car regularly serviced means you can travel anywhere with piece of mind that your car will be reliable but most importantly safe for you and your passengers.




If you have a new or near new car that is still covered under its ‘new car warranty’ then a log book service is what you need.


We are fully accredited by the RAA in the mechanical field as well as recognized by the MTA (motor trade association) as current members. We can stamp your vehicles log book to ensure you retain your warranty. A log book service usually involves everything a general service has to offer with occasional added maintenance and/or replacement of components such as air filter, fuel filter and even timing belts etc. We always use quality parts on all of our repairs but some manufacturers specify that only their parts should be used, this is no problem here at Exhaust Plus Salisbury as we have access to all manufactures parts and accessories.

If it is an extended warranty of any description it is recommended that you first check with your warranty provider to ensure that you are still covered if you change your place of repair.     

GENERAL SERVICE - from $160.00

Our general service includes:

  • Engine oil (up to 5L)
  • Oil filter (to the value of $20)
  • Fluid level top ups
  • 40 point safety inspection
  • Rectify tyre pressures
  • Wheels off brake inspection
  • Complete under bonnet inspection
  • Complete under body inspection
  • Written report of any issues found

Quality brands you can expect to be used on your car are:

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