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Clutch and driveline is an extensive and extremely important part of the operation of your vehicle. These components are responsible for taking all the power and torque from your engine and applying that to your wheels and tyres.



  • Clutch kits

  • Gearbox repair/replace

  • Tailshaft

  • Universal joints

  • CV joint/shaft

  • Transmission

  • Torque converters

  • Differentials

  • Axle

  • Wheel hubs

  • Wheel bearings

  • Transfer case

Through their heavy work load these parts require regular maintenance and replacement. This is where we come in. Our workshop facilities, along with years of experience and knowledge help us to not only diagnose issues you may be experiencing but also repair these faults sooner and as cost effectively as possible to get you back on the road. As these components are so important to the function and reliability of your vehicle high quality trusted brands are all we use.

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