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photo taken by Chris Foreman

Performance is what we do best, and ranges from basics modifications such as cold air intakes and exhaust upgrades to improve fuel economy and overall performance, all the way to extensive forced induction rebuilds to put your car in a league of its own. Select one of the options below to look further into the right performance upgrade for you.  

We are the only Link ECU dealer in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs. Link Engine Management is a global leader in motorsport electronics and performance technology. Link ECU’s are the perfect engine management solution for internal combustion engines in performance cars, drag racing, drifting, jetski’s, snowmobiles, aircraft, speedway and jet-sprint racing and more. Have a browse through the Link range to see which ECU would best suit your application.

We are authorised and recommended Sprintex supercharger dealers. Sprintex offer a range of bolt on supercharger kits for various model cars taking your car to the next level of power, torque and driveability. Find out if there is a Sprintex kit to suit your vehicle.

If huge power gains with unbelivable amounts of torque is what you are looking for then a forced induction kit is for you. We do a range of options such as turbo kits, positive displacement superchargers, centrifugal superchargers and nitrous oxide. Using brands like Garret, Magnuson, vortech, whipple, procharger

With the use of our HP tuners hardware and software we are able to flash tune your ECU to gain performance aswell as improved fuel economy and suit any modification.

Our software enables us to access vehicle makes such as GM, FORD and DODGE

Our top of the range air intakes will give your car the added cooler air it requires to help to improve your overall performance. Our range includes VCM, SS inductions, ramjet, duspeed, K&N filters and more...

With added power added braking ability is essential, we can cater to any budget ranging from a simple brake pad upgrade all the way to a complete Brembo race kit with pads, lines, rotors, calipers and more...

We can supply and fit a range of intercooler kits to suit a variety of vehicles. Available in a range of options to suit any application. If you have something out of the ordinary then our facilities allow us to custom make pipe work to suit. 

Here at Exhaust Plus Salisbury / EP Performance we have a Mainline 2wd chassis dyno operated by our trained professionals. Using a dyno to tune your vehicle is the optimum way as you have full flexibility of reaching all load points in a controlled and safe manner. Contact us today to see if dyno tuning can help improve your car.

If more advanced engine modification is what you are looking for the camshaft and or cylinder head packages is a great starting point. These options really control the overall outcome of your engines performance and driveability…

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