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Performance brakes are not only for race cars. Everything from towing, load carrying and day to day safety, everyone can benefit from better braking ability.


For the performance enthusiast a number of items can be changed to suit you. If you take your car on a track day you want to know that when you put your foot down the car will behave exactly how you expect. Having said this it does not mean your head will fly through the windscreen each time you hit the brake pedal. Packages can be made from mild to wild with a set of top of the line brake pads to a complete Brembo upgrade kit including pads, calipers, rotors, lines and fluid.

We also offer "race spec" brakes such as Tilton pedal boxes with custom lines, and the ability to adjust pedal ratios without changing master bore size, two piece full floating rotors and off road race use only brake pads. We can do it all, speak to us today about a package to suit you....what’s stopping you? 

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