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Extractors are a fantastic upgrade to any car. They are especially designed to maximize the flow of exhaust gases away from the cylinder head, in turn allowing the engine to breathe easier and increase horsepower. There are a couple of design types including try-y, 4-into-1 and tuned length. Your application would depend on which type of extractor would be best suited to your car. Not only do we offer high quality off the shelf extractors, we also can custom make extractor sets.


Pre manufactured extractors are the most common and cost effective option. Our product range caters for almost all makes and models. Brands we use are:


  • Advance headers

  • Pacemaker


  • Hurricane

  • High tech

  • Redback

  • HM headers


Custom made extractors are more suited to vehicles that have had an engine swap, space constricted, or no brand offer an off the shelf product. Experience is paramount when it comes to making extractors as they are no easy task. If you have a rare car or just completed an engine conversion then call us for a quote today.

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