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We have been doing sports exhaust from the beginning, so it’s no wonder why we are good at them. Our experience helps us to understand exactly what it is your looking to gain from a sports exhaust and do our very best to help you achieve that goal. We specialise in custom made exhaust systems, both mandrel and press bent to suit any car. We also offer a number of quality brand bolt on systems with a range that is always expanding.


A sports exhaust has a number of added benefits. Understandably the more of the exhaust you upgrade, the greater the advantage will be, which include:


  • Increase in power output

  • Increase in torque

  • Better fuel economy

  • That great exhaust rumble


Our custom made sports exhausts are all made in our workshop on the car, making it unique to your vehicle. Custom made exhausts are a great option as it allows us to manipulate the exhaust to your specific needs. Whether you are after a different noise, different pipe size or even and different exit than usual, the possibilities are endless.


Bolt on sports exhaust are fast growing and a great option. They can prove to be more cost effective but not all makes and models are available. We only use the highest quality brands such as XFORCE, Redback, Pacemaker and Burklee. We are glad to announce we are an authorised dealer for the highly rated XFORCE brand whose range is only getting bigger and their variety in options means they cater to most needs.

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